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Table Tennis 101

Welcome to the Open Clinics

These are designed for all ages and playes who are rated 1700 or below.

Topics covered under these clinics are but not limited to: Grip, Ready Position, Mechanical aspects of each stroke, forehand drive, forehand topspin, backhand drive, backhand topspin, forehand push, backhand push, forehand flip, backhand flip, forehand service, backhand service and much more.

Footwork, returning various serves and stroke placement.

Game tactics, how to prepare for a tournament, how to play with a player who is lower rated then you alog with equipment basics.

Each class will include didactic and practical instructions with careful supervision and individual attention to each student.

These are conducted between 10:30 AM to 12:00 noon every Saturday Qualified instuctors are available for each student.

Participant fees for these clinics is $150 for 6 sessions or $30 per session.

For more information please contact You can also call or text 978-549-1709

Please fill out a form if you are interested in registering for this clinic:

Online Form Here

PDF form Here